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Welcome to Casey Travels!

In the last year, while studying abroad, I visited 11 different countries.  I hope to share with you the knowledge I’ve gained in a useful and interesting manner.  While I do not cover every country on this site, let me know if you have specific questions about any of the following locations:

  • Belgium : Brussels
  • Denmark : Copenhagen
  • England : Bath, London
  • France : Lyon, Provence
  • Greece : Athens, Mykonos
  • Italy : Milan, Parma
  • Morocco : Marrakech
  • Scotland : Edinburgh
  • Spain : Barcelona
  • Switzerland : Basel, Geneva, Interlaken
  • Turkey : Istanbul

Each country in the menu has a list of destinations that I have visited.  These pages cover topics such as where to stay, how to get to your destination, specific places to visit, food recommendations, and so on.

Even if you are not planning on visiting any of the countries listed in the menu, the useful links & apps page provides general information for travelers.  Check it out to get started on planning your trip!